Sam Kennedy
Executive producer | Creative Director

Sam’s favourite meal hands down would be anything Japanese - what he wouldn’t give for another meal at Takumi Shingo, in Tokyo, Japan. A total food lover at heart and a born creative, with over 3 decades of eating experience and over 2 decades of experience in the Media, Film, TV & Entertainment industries. 

Sam’s probably best known for demolishing copious amounts of Sushi in one sitting, making home made almond milk matcha lattes or his innovative ideas and artistic direction as an Executive producer and Creative director. Having directed and produced for the likes of Aussie actress Rebel Wilson and pop sensation Ellie Goulding.

Sam’s work has lead to many eating, drinking and creative opportunities around the world: London, Paris, Russia and LA. In London he ate a lot of Shepards pie and worked for elite content producers Partizan and Rogue films. He also ran his own production company Melon Head Media, based next to one of the greatest vegetarian restaurants in the world. Sam’s experience extends to not just eating and drinking in foreign countries but also to working in front of and behind the camera, having worked as a presenter and voice artist since the age of 8. Sam’s a health nut, love’s a good bone broth or a vegan inspired treat and if he was a vegetable he’d definitely be an Eggplant because of it’s intrigue. It technically has 2 names, it’s a very peculiar looking and lets face it, it’s actually a fruit so that just brilliantly confuses the issue and makes it all that more exciting.

Magdalena Roze
Executive Producer | Presenter

Magdalena Roze is an award-winning eater, television presenter, meteorologist, food writer, reviewer and cookbook author. Since making a sea change to Byron Bay to help her chef partner open a restaurant on a farm, Magdalena’s focus has been her food and lifestyle website and she’s proud to announce her first cookbook “Happy and Whole” was launched in March 2017. If that wasn’t enough, she decided to have a baby so she could enjoy eating for 2 and became a reviewer for the prestigious SMH Good Food Guide, Mr & Mrs Smith boutique hotels and contributor to Delicious online. 

She's the go-to MC for food events, and has interviewed some of the biggest chefs and cooks in the world including current world number 1 Massimo Bottura, Heston Blumenthal, Nigella Lawson and Peter Gilmore. Magdalena has almost ten years experience going out to brunch and drinking mimosas, on the few occasions over the years when she’s had downtime from brunches she could be seen presenting live television including co-hosting Network Ten’s The Project, covering two Olympic Games, co-hosting the Australian Grand Prix coverage, reading news and weather on both breakfast and prime-time bulletins. 

If Mags were a vegetable she’d a pumpkin. She's made that much pumpkin puree for her son over the last few months that she thinks she might actually be turning into one. 

Jeanine Bribosia
Executive Producer | Founder

Jeanine’s death row meal would have to be pappardelle with ragu of any kind. Or if she was feeling lazy on her last day on a earth, a big chunk of Iggy's bread with a ton of butter. 
Jeanine Bribosia has a background in eating, drinking, and less important things such as media which spans across journalism, events, advertising and PR. 
To ensure Jeanine could be paid to eat and drink for a living she decided to found The Cru- Brand Specialists in Restaurants, Lifestyle + Destination, of which she is also the director. As luck would have it over the course of several thousand degustation menus and enough wine tastings to make even Truman Capote jealous The Cru has firmly cemented itself as one of the leading specialist agencies in the country and works with Australia, and the world’s, best restaurants and chefs; from Matt Moran, Guillaume Brahimi, Brent Savage and Kylie Kwong, to Rene Redzepi and David Thompson, who does a mean mashed prawn curry.
Jeanine has also written and reviewed for Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide, Mr & Mrs Smith boutique hotels, Concrete Playground and is paid by her clients in slices of Strawberry Watermelon Cake from Black Star Pastry and magnum bottles of grand cru…..
If Jeanine was a fruit she would be a mango because then she could pretend it was summer all year round!