Matt Preston

Matt Preston is an award-winning food writer and television personality. He writes a national column for the Taste Section for all NewsCorp’s metro newspapers read by 4 million Australians every week. He is also well known in Australia, and around the world, as a judge and co-host on MasterChef Australia. Preston is also a senior editor for delicious and taste magazines.

Preston has now appeared in seven series of the ratings juggernaut MasterChef Australia as well as one series each of Celebrity MasterChefJunior MasterChef, MasterChef Allstars.  In 2013 he broke out to host the newest series in the franchise, MasterChef: The Professionals with Marco Pierre White. This was named Australia’s Best Reality Show in the 2014 AACTA Awards.

MasterChef Australia and the Australian variants are aired in over 150 countries around the world from Venezuela and the Philippines to the Sudan, the UK and across Scandinavia. With a total worldwide audience of over 180million, MasterChef Australia is also the highest rating English speaking program in India with over 3 million viewers, making Matt a major star on the sub-continent.

Matt is active on social media and has a highly involved following of over 480,000 fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Matt is also a keen tennis player but due to an extreme lack of talent he is extremely unlikely to ever win a wild card slot for the Australian Open.

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San Sebastian



Back off the cravat, its my thing
— Matt Preston

Matt's Top Tips

Most underrated Ingredient: Cucumber or Salt
Number 1 lesson from the Kitchen: Use geographically logical ingredients
Kitchen tool you cant live without: A Microplane
Best Hangover Cure: Bacon Sandwich

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Hottest Chef Right now - Darren Roberston (Three Blue Ducks)

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