David Pynt's Little Black Book

At Burnt Ends Chef Dave Pynt loves barbequing. He believes in great ingredients, fresh produce and honest cooking to get the best out of his wood ovens and grills.

The Menu is written daily to ensure that the best and tastiest is served.

Smoking, slow roasting, hot roasting, baking, grilling and cooking directly on coals are all techniques used to maximize Dave’s 4 tonne, dual cavity, apple and almond wood burning machines and custom built grills.



Burnt Ends

Most under rated ingredient is Fire
— David Pynt


No 1 tip for entertaining: Generosity
Top tip for cooking: Patience and diligence
Best Hangover cure: Panadol
Top food destination: Basque Country, Spain
Favourite post-surf food? a smokey,  cheese sausage wrapped in puff and tom sauce with a Masters Ice coffee to boot
Go to dish when cooking at home? whole fish,  never beat it on the grill
Go to breakfast place? breakfast is best on be balcony with the family
Favourite dinner drink? negroni
Death row meal? A roast to remind me of all the good times with family!


Dave's Favourite cookbooks

"Yotam Ottolenghi, any of them"


Fire is an interaction not transaction you need to work with it rather than tell it what to do,  if you don’t look after it it won’t look after you
— David Pynt

Daves top 5 tracks to cook to

  1. AC/DC | Hells Bells
  2. Metallica | Enter Sandman
  3. Rage Against the Machine | Bombtrack
  4. Iggy Pop | Passenger
  5. Dire Straights | Sultans of Swing

Dave’s Burnt Ends Aoili Recipe

Quote “aioli, it goes with everything”


  • Dijon mustard
  • lemon Juice
  • white wine vinegar
  • whole eggs
  • mild olive oil
  • salt


  • Mix and measure to taste

Dave's top 3 Instagram follows

Dave's top restaurant and cafe picks

Go to restaurant in Singapore

Si Hoi Sai Seafood, Tiong Bahru

Favourite Restaurant


Favourite Sydney Cafe

3 Blue Ducks Bronte